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Alessandra  is 11 years old and she has an impulsive, expansive, noisy and bulimic way of exploring the world. She breaks all the rules: she dresses like a boy (but she prefers girls to boys), she eats like there’s no tomorrow, and she makes life impossible for her oh-so-perfect parents. This film is a tragicomic epic that tells the story of Ale’s transition from childhood to adolescence in the soulless suburbs of Turin in the ‘80s. Ale has to learn how to make the most of her resources, but in the process she also discovers that she is not quite so alone and misunderstood as she thinks.


DIRECTOR Letizia Lamartire
SCRIPT Federica Tuzi and Francesca Staasch
BASED ON THE NOVEL OF THE SAME NAME BY Federica Tuzi published by Fandango Libri
Piemonte Torino Film Tv Development Fund