Ana, Ljuba, Radi, Sihem and Sonia are five women who came to Italy from several different countries. They left their homelands for many different reasons: love, work, curiosity and perhaps even destiny. Each one of them has managed to establish their own professional roles and activities, reinventing themselves and becoming successfully integrated into a totally new environment. Despite their very different experiences and origins, they are all united in their identity as foreigners. Their stories explore themes such as work, personal relationships and family, intertwining and reflecting each other to reveal to us what it really means to create a new identity in another country.


DIRECTED by Elisa Amoruso
STORY Maria Antonietta Mariani
SCRIPT Maria Antonietta Mariani and Elisa Amoruso
EDITING Irene Vecchio
WITH THE COLLABORATION OF Chiara Griziotti and Sara Zavarise
Radoslava Petrova
Sihem Zrelli
Ana Laznibat
Ljuba Jovicevic
Fenxia “Sonia” Zhou
PRODUCER Costanza Coldagelli
ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS Maria Antonietta Mariani and Carolina Levi
PRODUCED BY Matrioska and Rai Cinema in association with Tangram Film
IN COLLABORATION WITH Frame by Frame, Rome Lazio Film Commission, Trust – Nel Nome della Donna, Soul Crime
Made with funding from MiBACT as a film with an acknowledged cultural interest
WITH THE SUPPORT OF Lazio Region – The Regional Film and Audiovisual Fund and the Representation of Italy to the European Commission
DISTRIBUTED BY Istituto Luce Cinecittà


  • Aphrodite Award for “Best Documentary” 2017
  • Rome Film Festival – Panorama Italia 2016